Culmination of Two Career Paths - Real Estate and Cyling!?

Culmination of Two Career Paths - Real Estate and Cyling!?

  • 10/12/21

The reSolve Group CYCLING water bottles are here! I don’t know if I have ever been more excited about a piece of schwag! This branded BPA-free bottle represents the intersection of two unlikely career paths - professional cycling and real estate. If you google that, I guarantee predictive search would ever suggest that combination. But here I am drinking out of this bottle and I’ll share why I’m so proud.


Ever since I graduated from college, cycling has been a major part of my life. What started out as a summer job in a bike shop to avoid the “real world” turned into a passion that I pursued at a professional level as I raced all over the world throughout my 20’s. Once I stopped racing on teams, I continued riding all over the Bay Area - it’s one of my favorite activities with my wife (yes, we met when we were both racing!). While I don’t ride as often as I used to, I still love the peace that comes from throwing my leg over the bike and starting to roll - the wind in my hair and the smile on my face. 


Following my racing career I got into real estate after I moved to the peninsula in 2011. After years of building up my own practice and building out the Palo Alto office of our brokerage, Adam, Wendy and I came together to form The reSolve Group in 2019. It was so great to be part of a team again! One of the things that sets our group apart from others is our partnership; we are seasoned agents that can step in to support, cover and collaborate as needed to better serve our clients. On a cycling team, only one rider wins the race, but it is the effort of everyone involved that contributes. Likewise, based on the team we’ve put together, when one of my partner has a sale, I can celebrate it as if it was my own.



I’m so thankful for this team and the opportunity we have to work with so many amazing clients in this area. Maybe now you understand why I am so proud to share these water bottles with friends and clients - it’s a small symbol of teamwork and passion. Let us know if you need some fresh bottles - if we’re in your area soon, we’d love to drop some by and say hi!


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