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Home buying the in the San Francisco Bay Area can be dizzying; the process is intensified by the fast-paced nature of the market and competition! However, well-informed and prepared buyers can prevail, often with their first offer.

From the start of the relationship, The reSolve Group aims to educate our clients on all aspects of buying a home. We explain each step of the purchase process, provide detailed analysis on local market conditions, provide introductions for financing options, and find available homes, either on the market or off. We excel in negotiating, and once our clients are in contract, we guide them through the entire process for a smooth escrow.

Whether working with a first time buyer, a move-up buyer or an investor looking for income property, our process and level of diligence are the same. 

Purchase Process | What to Expect


Meet with one of The reSolve Group agents, either in person, over the phone or virtually, to establish a relationship and share your goals for the purchase. We will walk you through what to expect during the whole purchase process, ask questions to understand and/or help you define your criteria, and lay out next steps. 

Select a Lender

If you plan to finance the purchase, selecting a lender and starting the pre-approval process prior to beginning your home search is key in our competitive market. If needed The reSolve Group can introduce you to our go-to lenders. The pre-approval process is more thorough than the typical online pre-qualification, but doing the work at the outset provides the knowledge needed to confidently write an offer when you find the right home.

Begin Your Search

Once you've defined your criteria, our team makes sure that you have the chance to see everything that fits. By utilizing the Compass Collections tool, our buyers have access to Private Exclusives and Coming Soon listings not yet available to the general public. 

Education Process Review | Contract Disclosures

The reSolve Group believes that if our clients know what to expect at each step of the home buying process, they can act with confidence from a place of understanding - with way less stress! Prior to writing an offer, we spend time reviewing the purchase contract, as well as what to expect in a typical disclosure package. As clients identify properties they're interested in, The reSolve Group works with the client to diligence the property in order to identify any potential risks or concerns.

Make an Offer to Seller

Once the disclosures have been closely reviewed and a client decides they'd like to submit an offer, The reSolve Group works with them to put together a competitive offer. The reSolve Group provides buyers up-to-date comparable sales and market data to help determine an offer price and advises on the other components of the offer including contingencies and time frames. In our competitive market having a well-respected and professional agent represent your offer can help tip the scale in favor of your offer. Advising our clients on offer strategy and negotiating on their behalf are two of the most value-added services we offer.

Offer Accepted

When both the buyer and seller agree to price and terms - then the contract is ratified and you have an accepted offer! While sellers can accept the initial offer, it is not uncommon to receive a counter offer from the seller. A counter offer can address anything from price to timing or other terms in the contract. Once a contract is ratified, the deal moves into the escrow phase.


What is the escrow phase of the buying process? An escrow holder is a neutral third party that holds funds and verifies conditions are met per the contract. The escrow time period is defined in the contract and is typically 20-35 days. 

  1. Place your deposit into escrow
  2. Appraisal conducted*
  3. Complete inspections*
  4. Contingencies lifted*
  5. Sign escrow instructions and loan docs
  6. Final walk through / Verification of property condition
  7. Remainder of funds into escrow

*If applicable

Close of Escrow | New Home!

Once escrow has confirmed all terms and conditions have been met per the contract, it is time for the Close of Escrow. On that date the buyer's funds are transferred to the seller and the property's title deed is recorded in the buyer's name. Keys are exchanged and the buyer owns a new house!

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Above and Beyond

Our team is fully committed to our clients' success and often go above and beyond to make sure they have every opportunity to find the right house for them. 

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