Questions to Ask a Palo Alto Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Questions to Ask a Palo Alto Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

  • The ReSolve Group
  • 04/24/23

Have you decided to sell your home? Working with a Palo Alto real estate agent is the best way to get quick and accurate answers to any questions you may have. If this is the first time you’re selling a home, it can be difficult knowing which questions to ask. Ask your agent the questions below to stay well-informed during the home-selling process.

Have you sold a home in my area before?

Before partnering with an agent, ensure they’re familiar with selling in your area. Cities and neighborhoods follow local market trends that will impact the pricing and timing of your sale. To truly help you, an agent should have an understanding of recent transactions, what’s desirable about the area you live in, and why certain homes sell faster or slower in your area. When reviewing an agent’s servicing locations, you should also check their track record in home sales.

A local agent will know that Palo Alto’s real estate market is currently experiencing cooling trends. They’ll take into account home sales, median prices, and active listings when timing out and pricing your sale. They’ll also be able to point out Palo Alto’s amenities, including its 36 parks, proximity to Stanford University, and economy, bolstered by world-class companies and research facilities.

How will we communicate?

Next, take the time to better understand how you will communicate with your Palo Alto real estate agent. Some agents work as a team, while others work on their own. Decide if you’re comfortable working with somebody else on the team or if you’d rather work directly with an agent. Regardless, you should feel like you can contact your agent when needed.

This is also a great time to ask agents how many clients they currently represent. An agent who’s taking on more clients may be less available. At the same time, an agent might already be working with buyers who may be potentially interested in your home. This overlap could lead to more offer opportunities.

What are the selling features of my home?

An agent is a good person to ask about the selling features of your property, whether it’s related to the property itself or the surrounding location. By asking this question, you’ll receive insight into how the agent will market your property. Palo Alto features many residential and historic neighborhoods close to top-ranked schools, which agents can use to a seller’s advantage.

What should I do to prepare my home?

A Palo Alto real estate agent who specializes in home sales will have a thorough understanding of how to prepare a home. A home’s appearance has a definite impact on buyer interest. However, as a seller, it’s easy to invest time into projects with little effect. An agent should be able to suggest changes that will help prepare and stage your property without wasting too much time or money. Be wary of agents who suggest extensive remodels, as most homes don’t require them.

To prepare your home for listing, make sure to clean and declutter every room. In residential areas like Palo Alto, amping up curb appeal, such as trimming trees and power washing walkways, has a positive effect on a buyer’s first impression.

An agent can also provide interior design suggestions. If you plan to live in your home while it’s on the market, your agent can help you determine what belongings should be stored away during viewings.

How will you price my property?

The price of a property has a significant effect on how quickly your home sells. An agent should have the tools and experience necessary to complete a comparative market analysis (CMA), which will provide them with an in-depth look at nearby home listings similar to yours. In Palo Alto, the median home price is $3.5 million. Alongside the median price, agents will also factor in the home’s condition, location, and size.

What will you do to market my home?

One of the best things about partnering with a Palo Alto real estate agent is that they market the home for you. An agent should already have a marketing strategy in place that can easily be tailored to your specific home sale. Your agent should order professional photos to be taken of your property. A high-quality photo helps capture buyer interest as they scroll through public listing platforms.

A reputable agent should also market your listing both online and offline using tools like social media, ads, their own website, and additional sources. They’ll schedule home showings on your behalf, as well as open houses.

What does selling a home cost?

When you sell your home, a portion of the cost will go toward real estate agent fees. As a seller, you should be prepared to pay closing costs. In California, the average closing costs for sellers is around 5 to 6% of the final sold price. Using Palo Alto’s median price of $3.5 million, sellers can expect closing costs to range from $175,000 to $210,000. This includes agent commissions, title insurance, county and city transfer taxes, and escrow fees. Sellers should also prepare for property taxes during the months they lived in the home.

Ask these questions to stay on track

When selling your Palo Alto home, you should work with a qualified and experienced real estate agent. However, first, you must find an agent whom you feel can guide you through each step of the process. By asking potential agents the questions above, you will be better prepared and informed when it is time to make a hiring decision. The agent you partner with should have experience selling in your local market and know how to prepare, price, and market your property. Make sure you can communicate easily with your agent, as they can give you valuable advice, from staging and closing costs to negotiations and beyond. Are you ready to list?
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