This rustic, rural community is a gem in the peninsula. Set within rolling hills and offering beautiful vistas, this residential community is a peaceful retreat from the cities nearby.

The area that is now Los Altos Hills was once part of the land sold to Martin Murphy in the 1800s. The land was used for ranching and vineyards for a long time until finally more houses were built in the foothills. After a blight destroyed the vineyards near the turn of the century, orchards were planted, and apricots and plums thrived. Though more houses continue to be built here, Los Altos Hills has never lost its laid-back country feel.

Single-family homes set on large lots carry on the rural feel, especially since you’ll find residents raising chickens or animals in their backyards. Homes here have higher than average selling prices, but they are worth it for the access to nature and the peaceful atmosphere of the neighborhood.


What to Love 

  • Near quaint Downtown Los Altos and bustling Mountain View
  • Expansive nature as your backyard
  • Private and peaceful

People & Lifestyle 

Residing in Los Altos Hills is a quiet affair, tucked away from the bustle and full of scenic views. There’s a sizable number of retirees who live here, but for those still in the workforce, the average commute is 30 minutes. What it lacks in location convenience is more than makes up for with friendly neighbors and lots of space. Los Altos Hills is a luxury country living at its finest.


Dining, Shopping & Entertainment 

Because Los Altos Hills is a strictly residential community, those who live here rely on the neighborhoods around them for their dining and entertainment. The wonderful news is that there is plenty to be found a short drive away, no matter what you’re looking for.

The closest shopping would be in The Village in Los Altos. The boutiques here (like European home goods store Maria's) are varied and tasteful. Shops in Palo Alto and Sunnyvale are also just a short drive away, depending on what end of Los Altos Hills you live on.

Make the short trip to the Village to have dinner at Los Altos Grill (American) or The Post (Comfort Food). Sunnyvale has great options such as Dishdash (Middle Eastern) and Coffee & More (Cafe fare). Or make your way into Palo Alto to visit Ramen Nagi (Japanese) or Bird Dog (Californian).


Things to Do in Los Altos Hills

As with the shopping and dining scene, residents of Los Altos Hills can drive a short way and find themselves with plenty to do in the surrounding areas. However, this neighborhood is rich with natural beauty and plenty of opportunities to enjoy it.

Because of its residential nature, events in Los Altos Hills are few and far between. Many residents choose to join in the community fun in Los Altos, such as the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony and Los Altos Arts & Wine Festival.

Hidden Villa, a wonderful working farm with a rich history, is one of the best places in Los Altos Hills. Residents frequent it to buy fresh produce and eggs/meat, take part in their educational programs, and picnic alongside the animals. Los Altos Hills is also home to numerous well-maintained horse and hiking trails, including the 55 acres of open space in Byrne Preserve. Fremont Hills Country Club has wonderful tennis clubs, equestrian facilities, and summer camps for the kids. 



Served by Los Altos School District, Mountain View-Los Altos High School District, and the Palo Alto Unified School District, Los Altos Hills has its pick of amazing school districts. Top educational opportunities include:


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