How to Pick a Realtor ®

How to Pick a Realtor ® Tips on Choosing the Right Agent for You Part 1

How do you pick a Realtor? Even if this isn’t your first time selling or buying a home, this can be a pretty daunting question. What are some of the skills they need to have? What qualifications do they require? Bottom line – who can you trust?

How to Pick a Realtor ® | Choosing a Good Negotiator

In this installment of “How To Pick A Realtor” series, The AW Team's, Adam Touni talks about what makes a skilled negotiator. The ability to negotiate well is arguably the main reason why you hire a realtor. Learn more here.

How to Pick a Realtor ® | Choosing an Ethical Agent

In this installment of the “How To Pick A Realtor” series, we’re gonna talk about what makes an ethical realtor. A Realtor acts as their client’s fiduciary, or “fiducia” in Latin, which translates as “trust.” This means the Realtor is required to utilize a much higher standard of care with their client than what a typical salesperson would owe a customer. At the core of this duty is the responsibility to act in the clients’ best interest. Learn here as to why this is so important to your real estate transaction.

How to Pick a Realtor ® | Choosing a Great Marketer

Being a great marketer is paramount to being a successful agent! Whether you’re picking a Realtor to buy or sell, their ability to represent you or your home in the best possible light is critical to getting you what you want. So, how do you know if your Realtor is a great marketer? Learn more here.

How to Pick a Realtor ® | Expert Knowledge

So, why is expert knowledge so important when choosing a Realtor? ​Other than the obvious, you want someone who knows the location inside out because they can advise you about area-specific information. For example: 1. They'll know the multitude of local rules and mandatory disclosures. 2. They'll know about off-market opportunities. 3. And they'll provide you with details about the neighborhood: like, how are the schools? Or what are the good places to shop, eat and work out?

How to Pick a Realtor ® | Choosing a Great Communicator

Communication is arguably the most important attribute of a trustworthy Realtor. In order to effectively represent a buyer or a seller, a Realtor has to understand what their client’s needs are. Here are some key questions to consider in helping you determine if your Realtor is an effective communicator.

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