Marketing for real estate listings is not one size fits all– each property deserves and requires its own positioning and tactics to gain the attention of potential qualified buyers. We tailor marketing plans for each property based on their unique attributes, with a common framework that is proven to deliver. 



In today's digital age, your property's first impression is often its only chance to captivate potential buyers. Our team understands the need to have stunning visuals ready when your home is placed on the open market. That's why we collaborate with top-tier photographers specializing in residential real estate to showcase every exquisite detail. From the Multiple Listings Service (MLS)  to digital campaigns, brochures, and print ads, our expertly crafted images ensure your home stands out and entice buyers to schedule a showing or attend an Open House.



The Resolve Group partners with top-of-the-class videographers to narrate the captivating stories of the homes we represent. In a market where time is limited, we recognize the importance of extending the virtual experience for prospective buyers. By immersing them in the essence of each property through high-quality video tours, we foster a more profound connection that resonates long after the initial viewing. Additionally, we leverage cutting-edge Matterport technology to provide interactive 3D tours, empowering buyers to explore and envision the space at their own pace.



Elevate your property's presence with our custom-designed websites, each meticulously crafted to showcase your property's unique charm and allure. From stunning visuals to compelling narratives, we transform your listing into an unforgettable digital experience that captivates potential buyers. Step into the spotlight and let your property shine like never before with our professional, sophisticated, and inviting custom websites.



We understand buyers seek a home and a lifestyle! We go beyond the property lines to offer a comprehensive neighborhood view. Through our bespoke custom maps, we pinpoint key amenities and attractions, from top-rated schools to scenic parks and convenient commute routes. Let us guide you through the essence of each community, ensuring you find not just a house but the perfect place to call home.



Using the reach and engagement of organic social media, and the hyper targeting capabilities of digital advertising, we make sure your home gets the exposure it deserves to qualified, interested audiences. We leverage the power of captivating visuals and insider insights to elevate our exclusive listings on the Peninsula and Silicon Valley. We establish meaningful connections with prospective buyers through strategic presence on key social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Our curated content offers an immersive experience, showcasing the allure and desirability of each property. Whether organic or with paid advertising, we ensure that our digital presence captures the essence of the Peninsula and Silicon Valley’s sense of “lifestyle” in this vibrant region we call home, attracting discerning buyers and maximizing exposure for our sellers.



From the illustrious neighborhoods of Silicon Valley to the scenic beauty of the Peninsula, our strategic referral partnership with BARNES International Realty presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your home to a global audience of discerning buyers. With a sophisticated approach and an extensive international network, we ensure that your property receives worldwide attention. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of the luxury market and connect your home with the perfect buyer, transcending borders and achieving remarkable results.



In the digital age, where screens dominate our attention, the tactile allure of print media remains unmatched. At the Resolve Group, we understand beautifully crafted print materials' timeless elegance and lasting impact. From meticulously designed brochures to eye-catching print advertisements, each piece represents the exceptional homes we represent in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula. We capture the essence of “lifestyle” through print artistry, inviting prospective buyers to immerse themselves in each property's unique charm and sophistication. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the digital realm, ensuring that every detail, from the quality of paper to the precision of printing, reflects the unparalleled standards of our clientele. Trust us to transform your home into a masterpiece destined to leave a lasting impression on discerning buyers.


The Resolve Group works with purpose and determination to find the best solutions for clients’ real estate needs. They bring together a complementary set of skills to deliver innovative, yet practical real estate services for sophisticated buyers and sellers.